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Mark Craig has had a rewarding career as a professional actor in the Los Angeles market for 25 years. A veteran of numerous daytime and primetime episodics and movies. He's played cops, lawyers, and strong authority figures in roles opposite top actors in NCIS:NEW ORLEANS; LAW AND ORDER; THE MENTALIST; X-FILES; and more.
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Mark has studied at Ivana Chubbuck Studio since 2013 and was trained extensively by Ivana to teach her technique in 2019. He started coaching actors in New Orleans and continues to pursue work in the industry. He is excited to rekindle his long time desire to be a teacher and mentor to those wanting to empower and inspire others through their artistic expression. It's a dream worth fighting for.
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Mark's early career began with studies in Screenwriting, Film Literature, and Television production at the University of New Orleans where he also wrote film reviews for the University newspaper, The Driftwood. He discovered his appetite for acting after a cross country trek to California where he enrolled in the conservatory classes at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego and South Coast Repertory in Orange County. He won accolades for his roles in local theater productions of Tennessee Williams's play PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT as George; and Dan White in Emily Mann's EXECUTION OF JUSTICE.
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In addition to studying FILM ACTING or ACTING ON CAMERA with several notable veteran actors, Mark seized every opportunity to audition for and be cast in lead roles on dozens of indie and short films for all the prestigious film schools in Los Angeles. Learning much about the technical side and art of filmmaking.
After many years in the business, Mark's acting reached a deeper level of self discovery when he started studying with Ivana Chubbuck. Instead of always striving to become the character, he discovered that he could bring a whole new richness of authenticity and truth, through use of personal history, by playing himself as the character. It was a game changer.
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"Congratulations, Mark Craig, you are officially accredited to teach the Chubbuck Technique in Louisiana and Texas. With your selfless and empowering spirit, your students are lucky to have you!"

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Professional Actor Mark Craig
Professional Actor Mark Craig
Professional Actor Mark Craig
Professional Actor Mark Craig
Professional Actor Mark Craig

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A Los Angeles Times bestseller, premier acting teacher and coach Ivana Chubbuck reveals her cutting-edge technique, which has launched some of the most successful acting careers in Hollywood.